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Green Project – long ago, your compatriots in space forgot you. However, thanks to the cryogenic chamber, you were able to spend the last 300 years there. And now, after this time, you returned to Earth after a devastating pandemic of fungi that decomposes humanity to shreds. And here you are, armed with your protocol portfolio UASA and its reconnaissance formation of the 80s, you have to adapt or disappear in the dust of your Mother Earth.


 Green Project is a stardew valley-like survival game by Zerone Games. A simulation game on the android platform. 

In this game to be able to survive:
  • You have to green your environment by planting trees to heal the environment from toxicity to bring back biodiversity. 
  • You have to plant crops 
  • Raise animals for food.
  • Lessen the toxins inside your body.

There are more than 220 craftings and items. The game has a night and day cycle like stardew valley game.


If this is your first time playing the game you have to watch this short video, so you'll have an idea how to start.

How to eliminate the green toxic bubbles around the place?

Did you die after stepping into those green bubbling toxins? Plant trees to eradicate the toxic bubbles.

Where to get seeds of trees?

Just cut trees and you will get seeds from the trees and plant it near the green bubbles.

How to plant the seeds? 

You cannot plant the seeds directly to the ground because you need to get a compost for you to be able to plant the seeds. You have to make a composter first to produce a compost by adding an organic matter which you can get by cutting down trees. Then bring the compost and put it near the toxic fields and use the hoe to cultivate . And there plant the seeds. 

Where to get unlimited food supplies?

Once you clear the bubbles on the top left, go to the cave and get those mushrooms and save the game. After saving the game, restart the game and you will see the mushrooms are back.

How to lower the radiation in the body?

Boil the water before drinking. Cook a thyme tea.

Where to get more water?

If it is not raining yet, you can find more water at water wells in the east and west. There is also water from bathrooms inside the buildings.

The game is new and it needs more development, hence you will experience bugs like disappearance of items. 

Where to get the picked axe? 

You can find the picked axe in the west. 

I encourage you to pay the game to support the developer. But for the meantime download the old version of the game for free below. 

Download and Installing guide
  • Click or tap the download button and allow ads notification and skip the ads
  • After skipping the advertisement download the apk file and install 

  • Version 1.0.3
  • The mod apk - bag slots are unlocked 

  • Publisher:Zerone Games
  • Version: 1.0.3
  • Category: Simulation
  • Size: 40.03MB
  • Update: 2/20/2020
  • Support developer at:Google Play

Downloading and Installation Guide:

Use a different browser before downloading - a browser for downloading files only. I suggest this to avoid getting intrusive ads later on - because adfly asks you to allow their notification to show their ads in the browser. After downloading all the files, simply clear the data of your browser and you're free from the ads thar are popping up
1. Click the download button below for the Apk/Mod Apk file.
2. After clicking the download button, allow adfly ads notification. After the countdown, skip the adfly ads and wait for it to redirect you to the download page.
3. After downloading the Apk/Mod Apk file, install it and enjoy!

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